This is good to know, not need to know How Tandoors are manufactured, So we are here describing the process:
Raw material decesion:
We source high grade raw material understanding orders, raw material like SS, MS, copper and other matel quality is based on discussion with customers.


Price control

We know the market and changing trends very well and this way we keep our raw material price under possibilities, other point is we manufacture in bulk so continuous demakd makes us in continuous purchase in bulk finally bulk price are often lower than other condition, our investment over raw material on opportuniy time makes our final product at fine price

Quality control

Controlling raw material and other quality control activities keep our tandoors on high quality.

Deciding shape

This is decided by customers, they decide shapes according to space and we manufacture desired tandoor accordingly.

Procedure :

This way we manufacture the premium type tandoor for all purpose, commercial and home both.